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Increase Productivity, Save Time and Money With Fixture Pro ® Quick Change Solutions

To maximize productivity on your 5 axis and other multi axis CNC machining applications requires overcoming common challenges. Among the top are the ability to get your spindle and cutting tool close to the workpiece without running into obstructions.

Vises, jaws and other components, even the machine table itself, can restrict your access, slow you down and prevent you from machining multi-sided parts efficiently.

Jergens Fixture Pro offers a modular and configurable approach to optimal holding and positioning of components of varying sizes and shapes. The unique stack-up approach makes complex workholding much easier, gripping tight for precision while providing quick change for reduced setup time.
More machining per setup and faster changeover in between equals maximum machine uptime.

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The benefits of 5 axis machining are significant in terms of increased machining capability and productivity. Add Jergens Fixture Pro Quick Change workholding to your operations for total machining excellence and reduced setup time. Contact us today.


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